Parts of the Inhaler

Important to Know

  • First time you take a new inhaler out of the box, “Shake then test spray into the air.” Repeat both actions 4 times.
  • Shake then Spray into the air 1 time before each inhalation.
  • Wash inhaler after each day of use. Run water through the mouthpiece for 30 seconds.
  • The Primatene® MIST mouthpiece should only be used with the Primatene® MIST container.
  • It is normal for the mouthpiece to change color over time.
image shows all the parts of the Primatene Mist inhaler.

Important Precautions

  • Children under 12 years of age: DO NOT USE. It is not known if the drug works or is safe for children under 12
  • Maximum daily dose: : Do not use more than 8 inhalations in 24 hours
  • See your doctor if you have more than 2 asthma attacks in a week
  • Shake then Spray into the air 1 time before each inhalation
image of page for checklist

Primatene® MIST Drug Facts

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