How Do You Activate Your Inhaler?

image shows an alert caution icon After Opening Box: Before First Use

Activate inhaler before first use

Only do this with a new inhaler, the first time you remove it from the box.

  1. Remove red cap (Figure A).
  2. Hold inhaler with opening away from your face and others (Figure B).
  3. Shake then test spray into the air (Figure C).
image shows an alert caution icon You must repeat both actions 4 times to activate your new inhaler.
image shows how to remove the red cap
image shows to point the inhaler away from your face for the test spray
image shows the steps to take to take to use the inhaler. Shake then spray into the air- Repeat 4 times –  Your inhaler is now ready

Important Information

  • Children under 12 years of age: DO NOT USE. It is not known if the drug works or is safe for children under 12
  • Maximum daily dose: Do not use more than 8 inhalations in 24 hours
  • See your doctor if you have more than 2 asthma attacks in a week
  • Shake then Spray into the air 1 time before each inhalation
image of page for checklist

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